Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Music Practice Can Sharpen the Brain

A new study by researchers at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland concludes that people who practice playing musical instruments have sharper brains because they pick up mistakes in their performance and fix them more quickly than other people.

Childhood Music Lessons Could Benefit Your Brain Later On

Researchers from Northwestern University found that brain responses to speech are faster among older adults who took childhood music lessons -- even if they haven't touched an instrument in decades.

And the positive effects seemed to be stronger the longer a person took music lessons as a child, the researchers noted

6th Grade Band / Orchestra Concert December 10

Day:  Tuesday, December 10, 2013
Place:  Avon Lake High School Performing Arts Center
Time:  The concert will begin at 7:00
What time to be there: 
     Orchestra students will need to arrive at 6:30, put their cases in the high school orchestra
     room and meet on the stage for tuning. 
    Band students will need to arrive by 6:45.  The band students will need to put their instruments 
    together in the high school band room, and then go directly to their seat.  There will be plenty of
    space in the band room and behind the stage for coats and instrument cases.
What to wear:  White tops and dark (preferably black) bottoms. Skirts must be knee length or longer and boys should wear a tie.

We are going to the high school to have a dress rehearsal on December 10, so come to school with your instrument and a packed lunch that includes a drink.

There will be a cookie and punch reception hosted by the High School Band Aides and Troy PTA after the concert to celebrate the Holiday Season.  They are providing the punch and are asking that families donate a dozen cookies to help out.  If you can, please bring the cookies on a disposable tray to the concert.